Murder at Cloudhaven Chateau

Virtual Murder Mystery Event - December 19, 2020, 7:00 PM

Cloudhaven Chateau is the beautiful destination that has been owned by Archibald Knickerbocker and his family for decades.  With the passing of the eccentric man, those who have loved the place for years thought this was their chance to become the owner of the coveted destination spot in the Berkshires.  But, their hopes were dashed when Dick Richman bought the place out from under all of the people who have put so much of themselves into the beautiful mansion.  Richman's egotistical victory is short-lived however since he did not even make it through the night.

Join Colt Derringer Lawman in solving the hee-nee-ous murder crime in the snowy mountains.  Our first ever virtual online murder mystery.  

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Cloudhaven Chateau Virtual Murder Mystery

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